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the legend of Zelda ocrina of time

2008-02-01 09:06:32 by scimm4

do you like the legend of Zelda? well if you do make some nice post (don,t say bad words plz)
thank you i hope you enjoy this picture of link (itis really cool)

the legend of Zelda ocrina of time


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2008-02-04 20:43:59

no its not


2008-02-04 21:08:21

lol, the way you write is very lethargic. But yes Zelda is awesome. Well, all except for Phantom Hourglass. I really think they should've focused more on the single player and less on the multiplayer.

scimm4 responds:

Lol thanks guys... phantom hour glass DID suck...beacuse it was on ds